Friday, April 22, 2011

show time

after all this time we will play back in WE'RE NOT TRASH #1 at @Villa Martadinata Mega Mendung Bogor 30 April 2011. play at 8 pm. share gigs with : ninja hatory, all heroes are ashole, fuck bar culture, diexfast. etc

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Previously I wanted to tell you beforehand, because about 4 years a go from 2008, we didn’t do anything, we’re just stuck in the moment : what the fuckin hell moment, 4 years its not a short time a hole!! Haha, we’re just try to make a new band (mischa) with my guitarist, making songs with a new concept. Another activity I was trying to help my friend's, as a vocalists in crusties band called Zudas Krast, playing drums in thrash band called Tears. And it was all very pleasant full. I enjoyed at all as a “karunia”, like my last name kurniawan. Haha.

I believe we are just in saturated situation with circumstances that are not productive. Imagine more than 14 years, we can not make any one full lenght album, ahaha, we are really fuckin lazy. Even in several releases, we only use the song with the same material, what we do is random the old track songs for the other released, is really and very stupid job, ahaha. Actually we are aware of no hell, we started this band since I was sitting on the bench junior high, and less over 14 years of our band and stuck like this moment, we are indeed minimal expertise in music, which we have only the “want”, we’re just standard music maker, there is no perfect full skill, to make each others look stunned and amazed for everone, haha. We're quite happy, some of our recordings have been documented in several releases, the reviews in several zines, in purchasing a few friends, really we're happy to live it. Because our expertise is mediocre, so we also didn't demand to get maximum results. So basically we’re just in saturated situation, and I think it is the right time to start again from zero to hero, maximize this band, until we’re really feel tired in the old days later.

So why we change the name “Discolony” into “This Colony”, actually it's just a games of words and the meaning of it. Anyway the pronouncing its still same, just don’t wanna to imagine with crusties band that most popular start with the first word “dis”, well because we’re not crusties band. That's one factor why we change the name. other info is, at this time we only had 3 line up: wibeng - vocals, ricky - guitar, deden - drums. And the other reason because we initially wanted to dismiss this band (discolony), and finish it (RIP).  But I seeing there is still some a desire to build a band anymore, so I thought, when we've declared dissolved, it was dissolved. And we make a new band. But unlike my vocalist, he still had the desire to build discolony because he realy loved this band, he said : this is my first band that I will not disband until I am dead, good man braders, ceers weeds. Okay we’re just change the name "dis" with "this" hahha,, really we are very stupid. Changing names with the same pronunciation.

So this is a little more story about us and answered why we change the name, just to refresh our hearts and saturated yesterday that would fail to continue with this band. hopefully many think will make the work that really we want. We dont want too much above or too down. What we want become what we enjoy. Until we are in the middle of it and the other people no one cares.